Boost your revenue with Adstir best CPM!!!


Hope you are doing well.

I'm Hien Le, the person in charge for SSP service "adstir Asia" ( ) .

I would like to be your support for monetisation of your website .
We are having great campaigns which perform very good CPM for your media.

Since you have very good quality websites with number visitors, I think we can discuss for the best price which may reach the same or higher CPM that currently you are getting.

Why adstir Asia?
1. RTB & Mediation technology to reach higher and more stable revenue.
2. Integrate multiple ad networks & DSPs with single JS tag/SDK all-in-one dashboard.
3. Manual + Auto optimisation to perform best CPM in daily basis.
4. Operation team who will respond you ASAP generally within 24 hours.
5. Support several devices : PC Web , Mobile Web , Mobile Application.

Kindly reply or add me on skype to know further details about our product.
Here is my skype ID:

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

Hien Le - hien

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